Saturday, July 28, 2012

Living in the moment

My son's advice to me is to always live in the moment and lately those moments seem to be flying by way too fast. Since I've been trying to finish a game room/studio, moving all of my art supplies to this area, getting ready for a birthday party at our house, going to and from out of town golf tournaments with my son and getting all of my appointments in before school starts (wheww!), I haven't been painting or doing any fiber work. But...I have been thinking a lot. For one, thinking about my art and what direction I need to be going with it.  Having chronic pain (even though it's just my hands) really makes me think about things differently, especially since what I do for a living largely involves the use of my hands. When you suddenly can't do the things that you used to do, you really want to find something that you CAN do and do it well. So, that has been on my mind a lot lately.
My current home. Again, not big, but too big for me :)
I've also come to the conclusion that maintaining a 'not-so-big, but too-big-for-me' house is just not a priority and something I'd rather not use most of my energy on anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love decorating, arranging the furniture, painting and caring for my house so it is like a haven to anyone who spends time here.  I just don't necessarily believe that it has to have a certain amount of square feet and have a bunch of expensive stuff in it to be a comfort to those who are in it. So, downsizing to a much smaller house has really been on my mind lately. Less house means less stuff and less cleaning and less maintaining which leads to more time for my art and more time to spend with my family and more focus on prioritizing. Sounds like a winning combination for me :)

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