Friday, December 28, 2012

Reviewing and Resolutions

Olive, original oil painting by Juli Schuster

Knit, original oil painting by Juli Albers Schuster

Recess, original oil painting by Juli Albers Schuster

Perfume bottle, original oil painting by Juli Schuster

Baby Cakes onesie, hand embroidered by Juli Schuster

Cuff style bracelet, hand made by Juli Schuster

As I look back at my first year of listing with Etsy, I realized that selling only 5 items really isn't going to cut it! But, as I looked at my shop stats, I was happy that I was at least getting quite a few views, especially considering that it is basically a world wide online shop. And, really, considering that it is world wide, even 5 sales is something to be proud of. But, again, it's not going to cut it if I want to make some serious income with my work. So, above you will see the items that got the most views or sold. I had three of my original design onesies for sale, and I sold out pretty quickly. My "Recess" painting sold within the first month of my shop being open and my "Olive" painting sold just recently to a shopper from the Netherlands. Other items with the most "views" were my cuff style bracelets, and two other paintings- "Knit" and "Perfume Bottle". 
So, what does this tell me? For one, I need to keep painting- at least finishing a few small paintings a week. And even though the fiber pieces aren't getting much attention, it is really what I love to do, so I'll keep plugging away at that, even if it's just for fun.
The "stats" also tell me that I need to focus on spreading the word about my shop and getting the Olive and Ash name out there. So, that's what my resolutions will be for the coming weeks and months, as I try to get the shop going and as I start on getting my" Olive and Ash on the Go"-going!  I'm hopeful, so we'll see. Any advice would be much appreciated and welcomed, that is, if anyone out there is reading this! haha!    Juli

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