Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's been a rough week around here. Everything from sinus infections and colds to stomach viruses. Yuk! At this point everyone in my family is fighting or trying to recover from one or the other or  all three. Needless to say, I wasn't really focused on blog posts. The only thing I've been doing is disinfecting everything that I think may have a lingering "bug"! So, I'll try to make up for it this week, as, hopefully, things are calming down a bit.
For now, I'll leave you with a few photos of my weekend, which involved a lot of "piddling". As I've mentioned before, I have so many ideas for new projects and never enough time. And so, I "piddle"!

My very messy studio space.

Little Man's painting is just a few details away from being finished.

Painting detail- Little Man and his dad.

A very soft, little, one skein scarf. Made using the very simple granny stripe and Martha Stewart yarn. I used the instructions shown here and just reduced the count to 'scarf size'.

After this week, I couldn't resist bringing a little "spring" into the house to enjoy over the weekend.

 Hoping for a better week, this week :)   Juli

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