Monday, February 25, 2013

Merry Monday...snow days!

Snow days mean cleaning house for me. This meant parting with the Valentine's Day roses. This was the last one to "survive". For some reason, the ones that start to wilt like this look better to me than the perfect ones. Weird, I know!

Finished! Having a snow day meant finishing one project, which immediately frees my mind to start thinking about the next one. I like that transition.

Another snow day bonus...playing in it with my kiddos! You can see part of  our wonky snow man to the right.
Me (on the left) with my sister. Obviously not on a snow day, but it still captures the essence of  our relationship- little sister wanting to be just like big sister!

And another  finished project. This was intended for Valentine's Day, but didn't quite make it. But now I'm considering ways to tweak it into a bunny for Easter, so it's all good.

Reflecting on our recent snow days is making me merry on this Monday. My preference is to have snow days before Christmas because I can get caught up on so much at home when I'm forced to stay in. But, hey, I'll take them when I can get them! They are always fun no matter when they happen; almost better now than when I was a kid. Although... one thing that is missing from snow day excitement as an adult is listening to the school closings with my sister.  We would always be up early, wrapped up in a blanket, sitting with our feet on top of  the heat register,waiting  anxiously for them to say the name of our school. There was nothing better than when they announced  "Wentzville R-IV"! I have to admit, I'm almost that anxious now when I think I might get an unexpected day off from work. For some reason, I have more energy on those days. It's like there is a sense of urgency-almost a competition with myself to see how much I can accomplish.

Hoping you are merry on this Monday :)   Juli

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