Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Merry Tuesday

A few things making me merry today:

1) Doctor's who get you in on the day you call when you're sick. Thank you Dr. Miller!
2) Having a husband with a flexible schedule, who is able and willing to drop everything to get my prescriptions filled and bring me soda, advil, etc. in the middle of the day.  Thank you, M!
3) The movie 'Argo'. Wonderful!
4) New fiber pieces in the works. Picture tomorrow, since it's dark now ;)
5) The ability to have a King of Queens marathon any time I want to. Thanks, Sister!
6) And another "Thank You" to Sister for the most thoughtful birthday card (which I've had for a few months, but still haven't put away). I love it!

card designed by Audrey Batts
Happy Tuesday~ Juli

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