Monday, March 11, 2013

Merry Monday

I feel so lucky to be able to showcase so much great art created by my very talented students. I'm merry on this Monday because we had our annual art show yesterday and it was, once again, a success. So much activity for the entire 5 hours! And even though we pretty much lose our weekend, it is well worth it to see so many people attend and see so many students who are so proud of themselves. It's pretty cool! are a few pictures :)

Of course, the best part about this year's show is that Peanut got to make some art of his own :)

And some of my students' work: scratch board drawings, "forgeries" as color and style studies and stippling drawings,

 perspective drawings and  still life drawings,

simple still life paintings showing various color schemes and painting styles,

clay coil vessels and boxes as a study in shape/form and pattern,

coil basketry,

and letter sculptures.
The photos don't do any of them justice, but I think it's pretty obvious that I have some talented students who really care about what they are creating. Hoping you are merry on this Monday!  Juli

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