Monday, March 18, 2013

Merry Monday

This boy...our "little man". We are so proud of him. At this moment he is competing at the State DECA competition and last Friday he gave three back to back presentations at the State Student Council Convention- telling his story for their anti- texting and driving campaign. Very brave kid.

Spending time (two days in a row!) with Peanut. Obviously, Olive was glad to see him, too.

Taking Olive for her first walk since late December. Her leg seems to be healed, although she still wanted to be carried up the steep hills :)    

 On the "making" front, I'm plugging away at the hankies. I've started over on the "Domesticity" one, because it just wasn't working. I hate that! I also completed a special order for my mom for some little boy onesies. (I couldn't get a picture, as I finished and  delivered them yesterday and there was absolutely no light in the house due to the weather.) And, finally,  I'm procrastinating on my next painting because I just can't settle on a reference photo. But it  will happen soon enough, because (knock on wood) I've been feeling really well, for a change :) And that makes me very merry!

Merry Monday~ Juli

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