Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Testing...and thinking

Bonus blog post today! Mainly as a test to check for that pesky warning message that showed up on the last post, but also to blabber on about my kids- again! As I was looking at some of my photos today, I looked at this one (as I do quite often because it's one of my favorites) and realized that these wonderful, beautiful people would not be on this earth today if events in my life had gone in the conventional direction. I always joke that I kind of lived my life in reverse- I got pregnant during my junior year of high school, got married and then graduated from high school. My college education began at the age of 20 and didn't end until I was 39. Then, finally, I got one of those job things!  Obviously, I was not the one who followed convention. And when I think about what I wouldn't have today if I had followed a conventional, traditional path, I am so proud and glad that I did it my own way.
And that's my deep thought for the day :)  Juli

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