Monday, April 1, 2013

Merry Monday

Lots of family time and a very productive 'post-holiday' day today is making me merry on this Monday.
Watching my three grown kids coloring Easter eggs made me extremely merry :)

On the way to Great Grandma's house in his favorite new hat

and learning new colors while he decorated eggs for the first time.

Little Man helping Peanut find his eggs.

Olive and Ash basket, finally finished.

And finding more yellow eggs with Sister (who is actually his Mommy!).

Post holiday activities included spending the day with Eddie, cleaning out a storage unit. Normally this would be a drag, but hanging out with this boy is pretty entertaining. Plus, we got to reminisce a little as we went along, which is always fun for me. I love going through boxes that I haven't seen in years and finding little, long lost treasures here and there. The find of the day today, a stick. Yes... a stick! The story behind this... I wouldn't allow Eddie to have toy guns when he was a little boy, so he made due with what he could find. Which in one particular case was a stick that he found in the woods, shaped exactly like a gun. And that stick started it all; Eddies long, intense obsession with guns and anything related to guns. As in hunting and the military- not the bad stuff! So, anyway, when I found the stick, I actually screamed because I thought it had been lost a long time ago. Pretty neat!
Considering all of this time spent with my favorite people - I'm pretty merry this Monday.

 Very tired, but very merry :)  Juli

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