Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Word Wednesday- Dawdle

Dawdle seems to, literally, be my word of the week. Just the other day, I used the word dawdle with my son, reminding him not to "dawdle" because I didn't want to wait around too long for him to get going that particular morning.  Then, with my students. For some reason this week "don't dawdle" seems to be the theme. The end of the school year is right around the corner (yay!) and we don't have much time to finish the projects that I have planned for them. Definitely no time for dawdling!
So, when I chose this word for today's post (honestly, only because I like the way it sounds) and looked up the formal definition and this is what I found:

v. daw·dled, daw·dling, daw·dles
1. To take more time than necessary: dawdled through breakfast.
2. To move aimlessly or lackadaisically: dawdling on the way to work.
To waste (time) by idling: dawdling the hours away.

Now, I have always considered dawdling a negative activity- wasting time. Who would want to waste time? Certainly not me! I never seem to have enough. But, really, how bad would it be "to take more time than necessary" to, as stated above, have breakfast? Or, to sleep? Or, to read a book? Or, to take a walk? Or, to create a work of art? In these cases, dawdling seems like a good idea. It actually sounds like something that more people should try to do more of.  So, I'm going to try use this word in a positive way and see what happens- encouraging people in my life to dawdle- on purpose! I think it would be a good thing. What do you think?

One of the best dawdlers, Marty McFly, dawdling in his favorite spot.
I think I'll go dawdle through dinner now :)  Happy Wednesday!  Juli
P.S. Isn't "lackadaisically" (shown above) a great word?! I have a feeling that word will show up again one of these Wednesdays :) 

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