Monday, May 6, 2013

Merry, merry Monday

Oh, Monday. You have been very merry! Lots of good things today, or so it seems. It's probably because the weekend was so dreary, today seems exceptionally bright and upbeat. Good times, for sure! we are. My Merry Monday makers :)

Hearing the news that Little Man finished 2nd out of 50 players at the sectional golf tournament, which means he moves on to compete at the state competition next week.
Seeing him in a tux for his Senior Prom, which is the first time he's been in a tux since Sister's wedding in 2008. He was just a little chubbier then :)

And having time (due to my computer free Sunday!) to get a second coat of color on the painting of Peanut I've been working on. 
I also had time to work on my journals yesterday, which is very therapeutic to me, especially when I'm needing to feel inspired to start new projects. I have pictures of a few of those journal pages, but my computer (or  Blogger) isn't wanting to upload them for some reason. So, there will probably be another bonus post sometime this week when I get that figured out. So I'll leave you now with another quote- one that led me to my computer-free Sundays :)

I hope you're having a wonderful, merry Monday~ Juli

"If you can learn to be happy with what you have and who you are, you no longer need constant external affirmation. This translates into less time spent on Facebook, twitter and all of the other social networks that have come to take up so much of our time –work and down- and have such an influence on our daily moods."
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  1. I have read that quote before! and parts of that article... so true! When I unplugged for several days here and there over last summer - it was awesome. I hated how my OCD kicked in and I wanted to catch up and make sure I didn't "miss" anything - but otherwise... it was ok! :)