Monday, May 13, 2013

Merry Monday

So, the day after Mother's Day makes for a very merry Monday for this momma! I feel so privileged to have these three wonderful kids of mine call me "Mom" and now, my little Peanut  almost getting out the word "Bibi" (which means Grandma in Swahili!). That in itself is a gift to me every single day, so the bought kind are never needed. But, of course, it happens anyway. And it is kinda fun!!

So here is my Merry Monday : 

Mother's Day flowers, from my husband, delivered to work on Friday

More flowers, hand delivered to me Sunday morning by Little Man.

And the most thoughtful cards and gifts from Sister, Eddie, my mom and my sister.  
It was a good day- I'm so thankful for all of them :)

Merry Monday!  Juli

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