Monday, May 20, 2013

Merry Monday

My Merry Monday:

Getting a 38 minute phone and two texts from this boy :) And booking our rooms for his graduation from military police training in early July. That means it's getting closer!

Watching Little Man graduate from high school. Which is a merry thing, I know, but I'm not gonna lie, it made me sad. I've taken this kid to school with me every single day for the last seven years and I already miss him terribly.

Celebrating our Peanut's second birthday. He was such a trooper, as we combined an impromptu graduation party with his birthday party, so it started late and ended late. But no crabbiness whatsoever from this happy birthday boy :)

Feeling caught up at work and knowing that I only have 4 more regular work days left before I get 2 1/2 months off. I'll be the first to admit, I kinda need an attitude adjustment and I think a summer vacation is just what I need for that negative mindset of mine to shift back over to positive.

My plans for the summer include, hopefully, packing up this house and moving into a place that will be much more simple and easy to maintain (we're still waiting to hear if our offer was accepted). And...

A couple of short trips to this wonderfully relaxing place.

A complete overhaul of my Etsy shop- more daily paintings and more fiber designs (think naturally dyed and batiked and/or embroidered pillows, bags, etc.!). And figuring out how to market the hankies. Maybe selling them as sets? Or maybe turning them into something other than just hankies? We'll see. Obviously, still thinking on this one!

I'll leave you with a couple of pics (below) that tell you where my mind has been the last few weeks. Yep. Reminiscing.  On the top, Little Man's first day of kindergarten. On the bottom, his last day of high school. Oh, my. I'm a mess!!

I better get back to that attitude adjustment! Have a merry Monday!  Juli

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