Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Terrific Tuesday - aka Merry Monday

Okee Dokee- Merry Monday turned into Terrific Tuesday (thanks for the suggestion, M.T.!), at least for this week. So here we go....!

Another giveaway is making me merry, for sure.  This one is for my original oil painting  "Three's a Crowd". Just go to the Olive and Ash Facebook page and like and share the giveaway post.  A winner will be chosen on June 5th. Good luck!

Getting a Memorial Day phone call from Eddie. AND a picture! We're missing our boy and so thankful for and proud of the work that he's doing.

Spending time with family on Saturday, playing homemade mini golf in my brother's backyard. The man on the right is my great uncle, P. He'll be 95 years old this year and was holding his own with the rest of us, playing mini golf. Artistic inspiration abounds in this family. P. still creates stained glass pieces, his daughter is a ceramic artist and my brother creates beautiful wooden furniture, toys and games. I love it!.

Time spent on the front porch with a pile of books and magazines and a cup of tea. Always awesome!

Finally finishing my painting of Peanut. After realizing that his nose, mouth and ear were too low and that his face was too narrow, I practically had to start over (or so it seemed!). But, the fix was totally worth it because now it actually looks like Peanut. And I just love that little face :)

Shopping for a new easel. I've had the same one, given to me by my painting instructor at Maryville University, since 1998. It's okay. But it's metal and kind of an eyesore. So, I decided to splurge on a new one. Of course, after reading reviews, I ended up deciding on the Mabef, one of the most expensive ones since it's made in Italy.  But, I want it to last, so I'll be waiting for a sale at the art supply store before taking the plunge.

I'm also still trying to decide on the model I want. The one above holds larger canvas sizes, but this one has a built in paint box and is portable. Since I've always wanted to try my hand at plein-air painting, I'm leaning towards this one.
And getting inspiration and ideas from these books. Thanks to some information about a fiber works show from a friend and co-worker of mine (again, thanks M.T.!), I'll be really focusing on getting a few fiber pieces done this summer. Right now, I'm thinking larger scale, nudes, painting and stitching combined. But, we'll see what the show requirements are and go from there. I'm ready for a challenge!

So, there it is. My day-late Merry Monday. But before I go, a special thanks to M.T., the person mentioned several times in this post. She is not only a wonderful friend and co-worker, she also promotes this blog, the Olive and Ash Facebook page and the Olive and Ash Etsy shop. She participates in every giveaway and is really one of the most encouraging and helpful people that I know.  Please check out her blog, Facebook page and website, M.K. Designs and Photography. She's a fantastic photographer!


I hope you're having a wonderful day :)   Juli

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