Thursday, May 23, 2013

Word 'Thursday'- Loquacious

So, today's word is kind of an ironic one, considering that Word Wednesday is now Word Thursday because yesterday, I had NO words. I mean, really, NO words. My mind was completely blank. Any word that I came up with seemed totally lame. 

So, today, I asked my husband to throw out a word for me to ponder. His word- "Sesquipedalian". I know, right?!! It cracks me up how he just comes up with these words! Actually, he's reading a book right now (The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester) and the chapter that he just started this morning opens with the definition of this word. It basically means " a long word" or "the use of long words". Okay. But how am I going to make an interesting post about a long word which basically means long word?! So, as I was looking up and reading about this word, the phrase "long winded" came up, which led me to the word "locquacious".

loquacious [lɒˈkweɪʃəs]adj characterized by or showing a tendency to talk a great deal.


Now, this is something I know about because I happen to have a very loquacious middle child. Yes, our Eddie was an early talker and from a very early age, loved to tell stories. Very long stories. With lots and lots of detail. So much detail, in fact, that it was pretty common for people to start drifting about half way through. But, again, even from that very early age, he could tell if you weren't listening. He may have been half way through a story or maybe even very near the end, but if he sensed that you weren't listening, he would grab your face with his two little hands (one on each cheek) and force you to look at him straight in the eyes. Then.... he would start the story over- from the very beginning. Oh, my! Looking back on it, it's hilarious. At the time, though, you would be thinking "Nooooooo!!! He's not starting over, is he?!"

Well, things haven't changed much. He's 25 years old now and still quite the story teller. It sounds kind of  bad, but at this point, if his story is too long, I just tell him, "hey, you lost me about 10 minutes ago". And he's okay with it. He doesn't feel the need to start over. Well, at least not from the VERY beginning.

Eddie, in his little overalls, at just about the age when the story telling began :)
He has an incredible memory for details, a booming voice and a sense of humor. So, you can imagine how much we miss him (and his stories) when he's away. He's been gone for more military training for five weeks now and at this point I'm pretty sure I would beg him to start one of his stories- over and over and over again. 

Still missing my kiddos on this Word 'Thursday'. I hope you're having a wonderful end to your week :)  Juli

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  1. Karlene! This is my KARLENE! lol hands on face making you LISTEN! lol :)