Saturday, July 27, 2013


So, lately... I haven't been blogging. Surprise! Right?! HaHa! I have an excuse, I promise :)
I've been working frantically to finish my summer to-do list since I recently realized that my summer break will soon be over. The end of summer is such a mixed-bag for me since I've been teaching. Sleeping later, not having a set schedule, working on fun projects, etc. are great but I'm almost always ready to get back to a regular routine and start a fresh, new school year. This year, I'm anticipating a great year (and that doesn't always happen to this tends-to-be-pessimistic person!).

So here are a few photos to show you my "lately":

So, basically, this is it. This is a snippet from my summer to-do list. It feels great to cross through these things as I finish them :)

My dresser makeover reveal that I promised to show you last week, but didn't quite get to. Sorry for the poor photo quality here. It looks so much better, believe me!

And another poor quality photo- but this is what the former baby dresser is doing nowadays- housing my TV and DVD player. It's working out well. 

And these are my stitched figures I've been plugging away at. I really like the subtle effect of the off-white stitching against the unbleached muslin. But I also love the bold effect it has when light is introduced. So...I'm pondering what to do with these at the moment. They've been hanging in the window for a day. Then they were spread out on the table for a day. Then I had some text on them. Then I removed the text (thank goodness for water soluble fabric markers). Well, I'll force myself to decide soon :) I usually end up with some sort of "vision" and it all works out!

Caregiving is always on my to-do list. It's actually my favorite thing to do. Lately, it's for Si- the half beagle-half-basset hound, crazy grandpuppy!

  • And of course, my little Peanut. He is the main reason I dread going back to school. Hopefully we'll live close enough soon, that I can visit him in the evenings, after work. I'll love that! This picture cracks me up. It's been unseasonably cool here lately (mid 70's today-CRAZY for the end of July!) and I had to wrap my sweater around him while we were taking a walk. I'm sure he'll just love this picture when he's older! haha
And....golfing in Palm Springs, California. Just kidding! I wish. But, seriously, this is what my boys and Falicia have been doing lately. Lucky!!
 I hope your "lately" has been good! Till next time ~ Juli

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  1. I am forcing myself (now it's Aug 1) to start getting my mind and my broadcast kids focused on school starting, and I am soon going to attack some revisions of Photo I / II as well as how to approach "go for it" with lessons for Art Appreciation the Fall Version! It seems the longer I teach the harder it is to go back to school... I love my job so much, but the delicious moments of summer... and the lack of "go go go go go" is so nice. so. nice. I miss your face lady. See you sooner than later! LOVE YOUR DRESSER MAKEOVER!