Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Merry Monday, posted on Tuesday :) Again!

So, not that I haven't been merry on these past few Mondays, my schedule has just been completely off. I apologize, once again! Here are some pics to catch you up on what's been going on in my world....
You know how I promised a giveaway to be announced this past weekend? Well, just after I announced it, Michelle,  from Experience Union, asked if Olive and Ash would sponsor their 'Where in Union' this week with a giveaway. Awesome, huh?! So go to the Experience Union facebook page here for a chance to win my original oil painting, Cabernet Sauvignon :)

Meet Phil. He is soooo glad to be on summer break. You see, Phil, is a shared (by me and M.T.) classroom plant. He was given to me by M.T. because she believed he was suffering in her room with no windows. So, he came to live with me in my bright, sunny classroom, only to be completely ignored and forgotten most of the time (except for the occasional watering from a half-empty bottle of water left behind by a student!). Well, needless to say, by the end of the school year, his condition clearly reflects that of his incompetent caregiver- completely spent, weary, dried up, etc. So he comes home with me for the summer and he thrives! He gets to live on my sunny front porch, gets water almost every day and gets food once a week. He's coming back to life! Pretty much a perfect metaphor for the life of a teacher, huh?
Well, even though I've been trying really hard to get rid of things and not accumulate any more stuff, sometimes I just can't help myself. I won the print on the left from an MK Designs and Photography giveaway. If you haven't checked out her Facebook page or blog yet, you should. She has fantastic photos for sale (prints, canvas prints, aluminum prints, handmade  jewelry, etc.) and has incredible deals on photo sessions. Check it out here and here  The silver platter on the bottom right belonged to my Great Grandma- Pearl Tabers, who I wrote about on this  post. When my mom asked if I wanted it, my ready response was "no, I'm getting rid of stuff", until she said it was Grandma Tabers'. Uhmmm....yes, I'll take it!  And, one of the joys of cleaning out and packing up is finding things that you had long forgotten about. Like this note(top right) from Eddie when he was 18, letting me know he made some cookies! I love, love, love finding things like that. And I'm so glad I keep random notes that would normally be thrown away.

The only thing I've been painting lately are doors and furniture. Today I started on this dresser, which will eventually be for the TV. It started out as a hand-me-down from my aunt when Eddie was a baby. So it went from Eddie's baby dresser with a coat of off-white paint, then it went through the 90's with a coat of blue and white splatter paint and was used as a catch-all by the front door. Then it got a coat of red paint and became Little Man's dresser, Peanut's changing table and then a storage cabinet for my painting supplies. Wow. Talk about some use! This is the first time it's gotten a really good, quality coat of paint, though. I'm using Rust-oleum's Furniture Transformation kit in Espresso. If you ever need to paint furniture or cabinets, I highly recommend this product. The stuff is great! (I'll post finished pics when it's, well, finished!) 

So, as I said, I haven't been painting much, except for household stuff. Part of that is that it's what needs to be done right now, since we are anticipating a move soon, but part of it is that I am just not motivated to paint. I've boxed up my paints and put away my easel. For a while. For the most part, painting is a stressful activity for me. As opposed to fiber work, which is a huge stress reliever for me. I've had some ideas in the back of my mind for a while now for some larger scale fiber art pieces that combine painting (with dye) and stitching. I REALLY want to do this and if I have my paints and easel staring at me every day, I'll feel more pressured to paint and put the fiber work on the back burner. It's kind of a huge relief for me right now. We'll see what happens.

Soooo happy to have this boy back! Our Military Police Soldier. So proud!
And last, but CERTAINLY not least, my two muses, Olive and Ash. I don't get to spend much time with them during the school year, so I they are another reason I really enjoy summer break. Olive (on the left) after her day at the groomer and Ash (AKA Peanut, on the right) is hypnotized by his spinning top :)
Have a great week! Juli

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