Monday, September 23, 2013

Merry Monday-9.23.13

Well, another Monday has come and almost gone. The weeks are flying by, it seems. It's been busy around here lately. I'm trying to fit in my making time, while making sure I have family time, too. Sometimes it seems like I only have 20 free minutes at a time. But, that's okay. I'll take it! It's better than none, which is how I'm sure many people live. Especially when they have young kids at home. I've been there, done that, for sure!
Anyway, you'll see below what I've been up to on the making front. Once again, some failures (or just re-dos) and some successes.

Another natural dye experiment. This time, yellow onion skins vs. red onion skins. I chose to leave the skins in the dye bath this time, hoping it would maybe make some unusual marks and/or make the finished product a deeper color.
And I think it worked. At least the deeper color. Not so sure about unusual or unexpected markings, but I think the color is awesome. Just what you would expect from yellow onion skins- a deep, golden brown color.

This is the red onion skin dye bath, again, skins and all. And so far, just what you would expect- a reddish, brown.

But, the finished product, after being washed and dried, was more of a greenish color. My husband said it looked like the color of vomit, but it's really not! Just a very natural colored brownish green. Definitely not what I expected from red onion skins, but I still consider this a success. (I'm not quite sure what showed up on the photo above. The dark gray streak right through the middle is not there in person, so just imagine it without that- haha!)

And I started stitching on my painted cloth. I'm actually glad I took the picture, because I knew something was off, and the photo made it clear. The embroidery floss that I'm using is too dark. So, I'll be ripping that out tonight and starting over with a more subtle color.

I'll try to match the thread color to the paint.

And I had lots of family time over the week:

An overnight visit with Peanut. He loves his little school chair and his chalkboard :)
And Little Man came home for the weekend. Yay!! And we had some movie and pizza time with him on Friday. This isn't really the way his face looks- that's just his "special" look for photos :)  Peanut wouldn't really go for the pizza, so he had some major popcorn time. He couldn't get that popcorn in his mouth fast enough! We had a great time hanging out together. The only thing missing was having Eddie and Falicia here, but they got to have some Jason Aldean concert time, so it's all good :)

And, I ended the week with a little shopping time:

I found this on sale at Joanne's so I bought it to add to Sister's owl collection. I told her a while back that if there is such a thing as reincarnation and her dad could come back in any form, it would probably be as an owl. So she has been collecting them ever since. (He could hoot exactly like an owl. It was crazy! Even crazier to me- the night he died, an owl was the first thing I heard when I went outside. Kinda cool.)

And this is what I found for myself- yarn, needles, embroidery floss (the usuals!), but what I'm most excited about are the Dyn-A-Flow fabric paints. Supposedly, they are paints that act like dye. Hmmm...we'll see. 

 Well, I hope your are having a Merry Monday- at least what's left of it :)   Juli

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