Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Merry Monday

I love three day weekends! They seem much more balanced than the regular two day weekends, don't you think? And...they make my Mondays much merrier :)

So, this is what I did with my extra twenty four hours:

Received a picture of our new family member- Sister's new puppy, Tessy. And spent time with my Peanut, who has a very handsome, big-boy, just like Uncle Eddie,  haircut :)

A little bit of making going on- stitching on my natural dyed onesies (which didn't really turn out like I'd hoped, but, hey, experiments are good, right?!). And my go-to when I'm bored (or stressed!), making dishcloths. They are stacking up around here!

Received my copy of 3191 Quarterly in the mail. So much good info. And awesome photography.

Lots of movie watching. By looking at the assortment of movies watched here over the weekend, you would think that I have multiple personality disorder! I mean, Safe Haven to Zero Dark Thirty, in the same day-wow! Anyway, my quickie reviews (left to right)- old stand-by; don't waste your dollar; Matt Damon is always good; very, very, very dark and perfect chick-flick. Got it?!

My kids were all in one place, at home, with me, on Saturday. They are still sorting through their dad's things and it has been a daunting task, to say the least. They stopped here for a meal when they were finished and I loved every second of it!
Did a little research on this, one of their dad's most treasured possessions- an old movie projector he found in the late seventies when he was working as a trash man for BFI in St. Louis. Although it had no sentimental value at all, he always talked about how that movie projector would be worth so much money one day that it would make him rich. So funny!  It was kind of a joke, but I think deep down, he kind of believed it. Well, it didn't make him rich, but I think our kids made him rich in ways that money could never buy. Now...what are we going to do with this goofy projector? We can't just toss it, there is too much history there. Door stop? Paper weight? Oh, my. Probably just closet dust collector :)
I hope your Labor Day was a merry one ~ Juli

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