Monday, October 7, 2013

Merry Monday- 10/07/13

Okay, I'm going to grin and bear it and say "Oh, what a wonderful Monday!" Even though it was actually a typical, 'case of the Mondays' cliche, BLAH Monday. But hey, I got to spend some great time with family this weekend- a belated birthday/family dinner night for Falicia on Friday, some quality BiBi (that's Peanut's name for me-Swahili for grandma) and Peanut time on Saturday, movie night with Little Man and M. Saturday night, and shopping with Little Man on Sunday. Wow. I didn't realize how busy the weekend was until just now! No wonder I'm tired :) Here are some Peanut highlights and a little shot at some progress on the making front that I got to on Sunday afternoon.

Our little cowboy. He loves this hat, a hand-me-down from Little Man :)

Making progess on the stitched painting. I see more of these in my future :)  And the free form crochet pieces will be appliqued onto reclaimed wool (sweaters), embellished with stitching and made into pillows. It looks better in person, I promise. It's not looking so hot in these photos. But they are "in progress"!

Sorry for the short post tonight. It's Monday. And I'm merry, but also really tired :)    Juli

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