Monday, January 13, 2014

A little late for a year end review, but...

As I've been thinking of where to take this blog and my Etsy shop this year, I've come to the conclusion that I'll feel better about the new year if I wrapped up some loose ends from the old year.

So... last year about this time I was really looking forward to taking my "Olive and Ash" shop "on the go". Well, that had to be put on hold, because as of last April, a move was in order. We put a contract on a townhouse that was being sold as a "short sale" in April, thinking that we would be moving by summer. Well, we were wrong! We just closed on it last week. So once we get moved, I'll be re-visiting that idea.

Another thing that I started last year, but never finished, was my series of hankies with my weekly words. I thought it sounded fun, but I quickly ran out of ideas as far as where I was going with them. People don't really use hankies anymore (except for my husband and my dad!), so I had to come up with another idea. Well, I just recently had an "aha" moment for them. At least for some of them. I'm going to combine the few that I have with some vintage hankies that I inherited from my "mean" grandma.( Yeah, I know. No one is supposed to call their grandma "mean", but if you knew her when she was alive, you would know what I mean! That's why I have no problem passing these vintage hankies onto someone else.) Anyway, the word hankies and the vintage hankies will be combined and made into banners. My idea came from this image found on the Simply Josephine blog. Pretty cute, I think! I'll have three of them in my shop as soon as I bind them together.

Well, that's all I can think of as far as "loose ends". I'll probably think of more, but for now it feels good to deal with at least a couple of things that have just been hanging out there. Time always gets away from me, especially during the school year, so some things tend to be forgotten. At least for awhile.

So, I'll leave you with pictures of my latest "artistic" endeavor. Mr. Frosty Play Dough! haha! I made a snowman for Peanut out of play dough and he played with that thing all morning on Saturday. His hat kept falling off and every time Peanut tried to put it back on,  Mr. Frosty became a little more misshapen. Oh, well.  He was a very loved snowman while he lasted :)

Until next time :)  Juli

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