Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day- 2014

Well, a short post today to start the new year. I'm still pondering daily/weekly blog themes for this new year as well as setting some goals for this space. It began as a way to support my Etsy shop, so the first thing on order for the new year is to get that space back up and running. My focus will definitely be on fiber work, so I think that will make it more cohesive in general. Narrowing down exactly what fiber works to focus on is still something that is up in the air. But, I will get there :)

Here's a little peek at the fiber piece that took forever and a day, it seems, to finish. Lots of text to hand embroider, plus working on it while the person it was being made for (my husband) was not at home, made it challenging to finish in a "timely" manner. Anywho... it's done!

So, the quote is from my husband's favorite scene from the movie "Sideways". The little pocket I made for the bottom left portion contains a separate piece embroidered with the last line of the quote that contains the "F" word. (This will hang in a public place and I didn't want to offend anyone!) So if they want to know what is there, they will have to look closer (through the sheer fabric) or pull the piece out of the pocket :)

The grapes were painted with acrylic paint mixed with textile medium. And the back layer is a piece of cotton hand dyed using grapes from Blumenhof Vineyard.

A few different views- the bottom view (terrible photo- sorry!) shows how it will look hanging in a window. With the light shining through, it really increases the contrast. The top right view shows the hand dyed back piece.

And I'll leave you with a couple of shots of our newest family member, Roxanne (Roxy- for short). We got her a couple of weeks before Christmas. She a sweet little lap dog who runs just like Phoebe Buffet from Friends (if you're a Friends fan, you'll know what I mean!) and when she's all worn out, spends the rest of her day plopped down in the lap of whoever will have her. Sweet dog. Little Olive is gradually adjusting :)

I'll be back soon, with new themes for the new year. Have a happy one!  Juli

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