Saturday, February 8, 2014

2.7.14 Family Friday...

...again, on Saturday. I have to admit, I have not been really aware of the days of the week because we've had sooooo many snow days. I am completely out of my routine and am very ready to get back into it. And, since Family Friday is a new theme, I didn't even think about it until late last night. Sorry 'bout that!

So, this Family Friday is going to be dedicated to all of my family members who have been helping us get this townhouse ready to move into. Since I'm 40 minutes away (most days) and Little Man is even farther away all week, my mom and dad make regular visits to check things out and little by little, clean all of the disgusting carpet remnants out of the garage. My brother has a handy-man/carpentry business, so he is doing all things that we can't do like repairing sub-floors, fixing door frames and laying the laminate flooring. My brother in law helped us tear out the flooring. And my husband spent one whole afternoon on one of his very rare days off from work to remove staples and nails from the sub-floor. Fun times, huh?!
Yep, it's a lot of work. But it will be worth it. Especially after all of this snow and having to deal with our extremely steep driveway. I am very ready to have a garage to park INSIDE of and a very short, flat driveway that is cleared for us by the snow-plowing fairy, every time it snows. Yayyyyy!!! Oh, and it takes about 2 minutes to drive to the grocery store. Yayyyyy!! I haven't had that kind of convenience in about 30 years. I'm very ready for some convenience :)

Here are a few pictures of our progress. I spent the entire day on Thursday painting the main level.  I changed my mind on the lighter color, so I had to go back to Home Depot (which, did I mention, is also 2 minutes away?! Yayyyy!) for another 2 gallons of paint. So,  I now have 2 gallons of expensive Behr paint just sitting there, still in the can! Dang. I'll have to use it in the bathrooms or something.

And  a couple of my other snow days consisted of this:

A painting done for a grape-grower friend of my husband. The blue streaks in the sky will be where some lettering will go, but other than that- DONE. Another thing crossed off my checklist thanks to my seemingly, never-ending snow days!
And yet another snow day was spent doing this:

Adding more words to my banners before they're listed. All three are now complete. Finally!

And no week is complete until I spend a little time with my Peanut. Who, by the way, can recognize and recite the entire alphabet, count to 18 and draw perfect witches! I can brag, I'm his Bibi (grandma) :)

He still loves his groucho marx glasses!
And I can't not show off this latest, awesome picture of Peanut's little brother, Baby G. I think he has the cutest little profile!
Well, that's another Family Friday for you, on Saturday! I'll be back here tomorrow, so until then, have a great day!  Juli

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