Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family Friday (on Saturday!)

Well, a slightly delayed Family Friday is here. Weather delay, really. We got home late last night after driving 30 miles per hour all the way home from Sister's house. We did have our "gender reveal" though. And... it's a boy! Best quote of the evening, from Sister, "I'm so excited to have "my boys"! I'm so happy for her. She has always loved being like a mother to her two brothers, always referring to them as "the boys". And now she'll have her own :)  Very cool.

Well, just like when we were expecting Peanut, this new baby has inspired me to get moving on some of the things that have just seemed to be going soooo slowly. It's funny how having grandkids makes you feel a sense of urgency to get things done. So, I'm on it. Today, since I'm iced in, I'm trying to get photos done for my new Etsy listings so I can get that shop opened up again. I just broke out the big lamps so I'll have enough light. It isn't as good as natural light, but natural light just isn't happening much around here lately. It will have to do :)

So here are a few photos from the gender reveal party:

Peanut couldn't figure out how Little Man got inside that phone. It was so cute. He would look at the phone, then the door, then behind the phone, then shrug his shoulders.  He could not figure it out! (We made sure to Facetime Little Man so he wouldn't miss the reveal.)
1.) Sister and Peanut open the box to reveal blue balloons :) 2.) A really good profile of our Baby G. 3.) And Grandpa's turn to "Facetime"- catching up with Little Man. I'm sure Grandpa (my dad) never would have thought he'd be doing anything like that in his lifetime!
It was a great night! Now I'm back to work on those photos, a little stitching and writing listings.

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  1. I love that through technology Colbey (an amazing young man in his own right) was able to be there for the "gender" party! This is great. I love "Family Friday" and it's so "you" Juli. I can't wait to see your new items in your shop, the things you'll be creating for your new home and your new addition to the family... I think you're very gifted and am so happy to see happy. :-)