Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Facebook "Fast"

Well, it's been a little over a week since I have been staying away from Facebook and I'm planning on going on with my "fast" indefinitely. I know there are many benefits of social networking, I even wrote a post about it here, but I really just felt like I was spending too much time reading about other people's lives when I could be getting things done in my own life. It was too easy to just "veg out" in front of the screen. Kind of like what I used to do with TV. But, since I don't watch TV much at all anymore, I basically replaced it with the computer screen.

I'm also not the type to think long and hard about what I post, so sometimes I regret what I've shared. Nothing dramatic or anything. Sometimes, though, I just think there is such a thing as sharing too much or, in some cases, sharing too fast. And I'm always worrying how that will affect my kids. I've never wanted my kids to be embarrassed of me. It's really one of my worst fears!

So, my conclusion after my Facebook Free Week- I think it would be good for anyone who has even a little inkling that they spend too much time on Facebook, to try stopping for a while. Even just a few days. I honestly think I was addicted to "checking in". It sounds weird, but I'm totally serious! The first few days I was really out of sorts and crabby. I kept thinking that I was probably missing something. It was really hard not to grab my computer several times a day to "check in". But that just lasted a few days, then I really started realizing how much more I was getting done in a day when I wasn't stopping what I was doing several times a day and getting caught up in the "web" of information. It would literally suck me in for hours sometimes, even though I meant to only be on there for a quick "check in". Again, it sounds weird, but it's true. And I know most people can relate to this, whether they admit it or not ;)

I am still checking and posting on my Olive and Ash page, as it has a purpose other than just sharing personal information.  I couldn't inactivate my main page without also inactivating Olive and Ash, so I'm just exercising some self control and staying away from it.

Except for one post today- to try to find a home for my little dog, Roxy. Since we're moving soon, to a place with no yard, we decided she would be much happier with another family. She's very sweet, two years old, housebroken, about 20-25 pounds, part beagle part terrier and very good with kids and other animals. Please leave a comment if you live in or around the St. Louis area and are interested.


  1. Good Luck Finding Her A Forever Home. She Sounds Sweet. I LOVE Your Blog. I Doubt You EVER Really Mortify Your Kids. You Are An Amazing Mom/Grandma! "Bibi" :-) I LOVE Your Work & Promoted Your Etsy Shop on Experience Union and MY Photo Page. Love ya! ~ michelle