Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Scenes 2.2.14

A few Sunday Scenes for you:

We've started painting the townhouse! The first picture here is the fireplace accent wall, which I painted a dark brown (Burough by Valspar, although I had the color mixed with Behr paint) The second picture shows the color I picked for the remaining walls in the room, again Behr paint but mixed from a swatch of Opera Glasses by Valspar.  I only painted a section, as I'm still deciding if it's right for this room. It a cross between a gray and a beige, but I'm thinking it might be too cool of a color. I'll let it sit for a couple of days then go back to look at it. I figure my first impression when I go back will tell me if it's right or not.

I used the Burough color behind the stove and refrigerator and on the other two small walls of the kitchen. I like it. It's a cozy color- just what I like for a kitchen area. But, since painting the brown above the counters, they look even more like the color of vomit (gross, right?!), so we decided we'll be replacing the counter tops and bar, too..
And now, I'm back in my comfort zone. At home. In my stitching chair.
Getting ready to add a few more words to my banners.
Well, I promise this won't turn into a decorating blog, but there will probably be quite a few posts on our townhouse progress. I hope you don't mind!

Until next time, have a great week and I'll be back for Family Friday :)  Juli

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