Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Scenes

Well, I have to say my Sunday Scenes are not that exciting but, since it is Sunday, here they are!

My Sunday...

...consisted of wayyyy too many trips to Home Depot.

But we bought some awesome looking laminate floor, which I love!
Watching my mom trying to figure out how to remove the floor from behind the stove. She helped us all afternoon- removing staples and nails and ripping out more vinyl. I'm telling you, it is a FUN time around that townhouse lately! But, I soooo appreciate all of her help lately (and my dad's!).

And our Little Man, getting a crash course in home ownership :) Please don't mind the junk sitting around. This is before we bought trash bags! haha!
And now, I'm home- inhaling a gluten free turkey burger and chips. What a Sunday dinner, huh?!

And doing a little more stitching. This will be a pillow. The fabric is a tie-dye demonstration piece from my Fine Craft class. The colors turned out very vibrant, so I felt like it should be used for something. So, a pillow it will be!
I also got the loft painted, but I forgot to take pictures. By the time I finished I still had to clean up and help M. haul all of the flooring into the house. I have to say- I am completely exhausted at this point. And, I'm thinking I might actually have to go to work for a change, tomorrow, so I better get myself organized.  Till next time :)  Juli

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