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Family Friday and Sunday Scenes combo, 3.16.14

Family Friday and Sunday Scenes combo this week! I honestly just did not have any down time yesterday to sit down and type anything out. Very busy day trying to clean up the new place for Little Man and his friends, trying to shove a too-large icebox (yes, I call it an icebox, not a refrigerator- blame my parents!) into a too-small space (It didn't work, by the way), buying groceries and birthday gifts and then attending a birthday party. Days and weekends that are too busy really stress me out, so today was a little more of a "down" day. I'm glad :)
Anywho, this morning, on Pinterest, I found so many cool poems about ancestors and family. I thought that I'd work that in with my Family Friday theme and introduce you to some of my ancestors. (Well, the ones that had an impact on me. And the ones I had pictures of!)

So, here are the quotes that inspired me this morning:

Good, huh?!

I've already introduced you to my great grandma- Pearl Tabers. I was lucky enough to know her for 16 years of my life. If I could spend a day with any of my ancestors, she would be the one. Even though I have many memories of her, I didn't really know her. I would love to ask her questions about her life, her interests, her family, etc.  My great grandpa, Daniel Tabers(who is holding my brother) is someone I never had the chance to meet. I don't know much about him, but his hands are a dead giveaway that he was one hard worker.

The woman sitting next to my dad in this picture is my great grandma, Ethel Hampton. I only remember meeting her once and she scared the crap out of me. She was extremely thin (look at that arm!) and had really dark circles around her eyes. I'm sure she was a very sweet lady, but I never got close enough to find out. Ironically, I have a suspicion that my stomach issues come from this side of the family, as I've heard that she would only eat toast and cream of wheat! Oh, my! (By the way, this is the only picture I have of her, that's why you only get half of a face.)

These two were my favorite. My Grandpa and Grandma Hampton. Ted and Eva. Some of my best memories are of times spent with them-vacations to Colorado, watching scary movies and staying up late when my brother, sister and I would spend the night or weekend with them, Christmas Eve at their house every year, helping my grandma clean out her junk drawer and getting to keep some of the cast-off items (strange, I know!), getting to eat canned biscuits (instead of the homemade ones my mom made), walking to the market behind their house to buy candy necklaces and Bub's Daddy gum.  I could go on and on. They were the best.

And this guy, my great grandpa, Luther Hampton. I've heard many stories about him (some not so good, so we won't go into all of that!), but what draws me to his picture so many times is that I see my face in his. The nose. The mouth. It's really kind of creepy and kind of cool at the same time.
And my dad's Uncle Woodrow (Hill). If I ever met him, I don't remember it. I just know that he had a huge impact on my dad and I believe he is the one who instilled in my dad his love of horses. I have only heard good things about him and I wish I had some memories of him. And I know my dad would have loved to introduce my boys to him. And my girl :)
So, there you have a few of my ancestors. Some remembered fondly, some not so fondly, others not at all, but they are still all a part of who I am. Pretty cool. It makes me want to study genealogy (in my spare time!).

So, as for Sunday Scenes, these pictures pretty much sum it up:

The first piece (and the only piece, as of now) of furniture in our new place- my grandpas "pleather" chair. Believe or not, it's really comfortable. And in perfect condition. I'm thinking this will become my new favorite spot. So shiny, isn't it?! haha

And hours of this.....GRADING. All done, though. Now I just have to plug the numbers into our wonderful Lumen system. I hate numbers and I'm not naturally organized. So grading, tracking grades, entering grades is not easy for me. It's definitely the one part of my job that I have to say I hate. But, it's the only one, so that's good!

Have a great week!  Juli

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