Friday, March 21, 2014

Family Friday- M. 3.21.14

A couple of my favorite photos of M.- before and after tractor pics!

This Family Friday is dedicated to my husband, M.- my strongest supporter, cheerleader and source of encouragement. He is the one I run ideas by for my projects, paintings and posts for this blog (although he doesn't know about this one!). He is the calm in this stormy head of mine.  He is the one who made me realize that independence (yes, even if you're married) is a good thing. He believes in me more than I believe in myself. And for all of these things, I will be forever grateful.

But, I'm not gonna lie, many times along our sometimes rocky road over the last 10 years I find myself remembering a quote from the movie "Indecent Proposal", when Demi Moore tells Robert Redford, "From where we started, we've got nowhere to go". Yes, our beginning wasn't your typical beginning. Definitely not ideal. And when the road is rocky, I have sometimes thought, "There is nowhere to go". But when the road is smooth, I remember why we're here in this life together.

One of our two wedding pictures. Yes, two!

From the very beginning we were aware of our many shared interests- our love for and interest in art, wine, good food and good movies and our views on some very fundamental issues like religion and education. We always have something to talk about. The conversations may become heated debates sometimes, but, hey, we're having a conversation. In my book,  that is huge!

I'm sure when people see us together, though, they wonder what actually did bring us together. We are probably more opposite than any two people could be. On the surface, that is. He's 62. I'm 48. He's quiet and even tempered. I am not so quiet and have a very short temper. He thinks before he speaks. I speak before I think. He's very secure and outspoken about his opinions. I'm always afraid of offending someone with mine.  He usually looks grumpy, when he's really "smiling on the inside". I usually have a smile on my face, even though much of the time there is a cloud over my head. I really could go on and on about our differences! But, I won't :)

I think some of our differences, though, are really what makes us appreciate each other. I think I've always needed a no-nonsense, calm "presence" in my life. These last two years (since the death of Ruben J) have been proof of that. M. is my calm presence. He really could not be or have been more understanding about my struggle.

And I think he needed a "talker" in his life. (I'm not sure if he agrees with me on this one!) He tends to bottle things up when something is bothering him. I have to get things out in the open. Explain everything. Ask a ton of questions. So, when he starts to shut down, I get completely vocal. Oh, my, do I get vocal! haha! But, I've noticed that he doesn't just shut down like he used to. And that is a good thing.

So, yeah, the road has not been completely smooth. But, really, I think the bumps are what ultimately make us realize that, yes, we do have somewhere to go.

Have a great weekend. I'll be back here on Sunday :)   Juli

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