Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Scenes, 3.2.14

Well, yesterday was one long painting day and everyone was there to help.

Eddie, with his makeshift paintbrush- a small trim brush duct taped to the end of an extension pole! It was the only way to reach one four foot section over the stairwell. It worked!

Peanut, assisted by Sister (aka, his Nonny) was making sure we still had 14 steps. He checked and double checked, as he is VERY good at counting :)

My mom started on the bathroom. I can't wait to get rid of this horrible orange paint! It's even uglier in person.

And Little Man had ceiling duty. He did a great job and it was his first time painting-ever :)

So, that was yesterday. I left my house at 9am and got home at 8pm. Long, long day. And that long, exhausting day led to this:

A planned, stay at home day since we were supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow.'s three o'clock in the afternoon now and this is what it looks like. I would say a dusting is more like it.
 And some serious T.V. watching. I found a new BBC series called "Call the Midwife". Really good. Set in England in the 1950's. Lots of babies being born. You can't get better than that in my book!

   So, the lack of snow is making me feel a little bit guilty about the T.V. watching. And there hasn't been any making going on, either, since my hand still feels like there is a paintbrush in it! haha! Kind of a joke, but kinda not. I'm not gonna lie, my hands are not feeling too good today. I do have this never-ending blanket that seems to be staring me in the face all day, though. So I may have to work on it a little when we watch the Oscar's tonight. Love the Oscar's! Have a great week!

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