Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Scenes- 3.9.14

Today was the first spring-like, sunny day that I can remember in a very long while. It was so nice to get out of the house and go somewhere besides work or to the townhouse to paint. It was, literally, a breath of fresh air! So, here are my Sunday Scenes with a few scenes from earlier in the week thrown in:

Carpet installed-yay!! And I finished paintings both bathrooms yesterday, so moving in can begin anytime. I'm thinking, though, Easter weekend. Lots of packing to do, still.

I received this bracelet from the owners of Green Vineyard as a 'thank you' for painting their wooden lazy susan a few weeks ago. I love it!!

For those of you who didn't see it on Facebook, I finished the song lyric pillow. Lyrics are pieced from a Three Doors Down song, "Here Without You".

And I got my new twill tape labels just in time to use it on the pillow before I list it. I highly recommend Gohobo on Etsy if you have a need for anything like this. I received my order in two days and it was exactly what I wanted.
Beautiful day in the vineyard. We met with M's family, as his sister is getting married  at the winery in August. They are in full-on planning mode. Fun! Blumenhof Vineyard and Winery

It was a bit like deja-vu for me. Six years ago, Sister and S.W. were married there. It made for some beautiful pictures, as you can see! (Wedding photos by Trotter Photography)

Even though it was early May and the vines were practically bare, the photos were great.

And the patio was transformed that night with tents, beautiful lights, music, friends and family.

But, today, the same space was just soaking in the much needed sunshine :)

And seeing the bicycles parked in the lot really is a sure sign of spring! Yes!!

 Have a great week!  Juli


  1. Those are all lovely scenes, I think your carpet is simlar to what I selected! HA!

  2. I love the carpet! I splurged and got the good pad so it's extra cushy!