Saturday, April 26, 2014

Family Friday, 4.25.14

I'm kind of cheating here with this Family Friday post. Obviously, I didn't post a Sunday Scenes last weekend. Too, dang busy with moving and Easter! So, guess what this post will be about? Yep. You guessed it. Moving and Easter :)

We're moved in. Not completely, though. That will take a while. But I would say that we are settled in. These are a few of my favorite parts so far. Clockwise, from top left- 1.)It's been a while since I've had a mantle to decorate. I kinda like it. 2) My new favorite spot. 3) The view from my new favorite spot. My lone tree!haha And it has a nest with baby birds in it, so there is a lot of tweeting (the real kind) going on! 4) And it (the tweeting) drives Olive insane! 5) Kitchen/dining room/living room. Yep. It's all in one :) and 6) I've never had an entryway. And I love having one now.

And Easter. A very nice break from all of the moving.  This is our attempt at a family pic with my parents. It took a few tries, as Peanut just wasn't interested in standing still. So you see in the photos- Peanut looking to the side, Peanut walking away, Peanut blocking Grandpa's head and Grandma looking at Peanut! But we finally got a good one :)

Easter dinner- huddled around the TV watching the game. (Don't ask me what game, though!)

Peanut's Easter dinner- his favorite- french fries.

And no Easter is complete without a little egg hunt. It was a perfect day to be outside.

Getting a little help from Uncle Eddie.

Little Man found his egg!

I love this kid!

And I'm eagerly awaiting Grandson #2, again lurking there behind Big Brother's head! Peanut has no idea what is about to happen. Oh, my.
Okay, well that was a little review of last weekend. This weekend- well tomorrow, actually- is our District Art Show, so today we're hanging/preparing everything.  I'm hoping the weather holds out tomorrow so we have a good turnout. There are supposed to be some seriously nasty storms moving in. We'll see how that goes. Kind of freaking me out a little.

Have a great weekend!  Juli

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