Friday, April 11, 2014

Family Friday- A place for Peanut, 4.11.14

Today's Family Friday isn't so much about a particular person, but making a space for a particular person. In our new place, that is. Peanut has always had his own room in the house we're in now. Before he was born, I repainted the room a light gray-blue, hung a personalized banner, filled it with old and new toys, shelves of books, etc. He had his own bed, a tv and dvd player for his movies and his own little drawing area with a chalkboard and vintage school chair. It quickly became my favorite room in the house. I just liked to sit in there! And, most importantly, I think he liked it, too.

So, not having a space like that is really the only down side to moving to a smaller place. It has really been bugging me that he won't have that anymore when he comes to Bibi's house. But then, I came across this room on a blog that I follow called The Handmade Home. The blogger home schools her kids and needed a place just for "school", so she converted her dining room to a home school room. I love it! But, I won't have a dining room, either. Dang! But... we do have a loft that will be our family room and I think that room will be perfect for this type of setup. We'll put the sofa sleeper  in there, so it will be a sofa for our tv/movie nights and it will be a sleeper when Peanut stays overnight.  I'll keep the theme the same as his old room- vintage toys, but combine that with vintage "school". I'm excited about trying to incorporate some of the ideas shown in the pictures below :

Love the chalkboard, old style chairs and the globes.

And will definitely be trying this. Great way to organize markers, chalk, crayons, pencils, etc.

Yep, love this room! All of it. Even the rug that looks like notebook paper :)

This image is not from The Handmade Home, but I was unable to find the source. (If someone knows, please let me know!) Anywho, I LOVE the red chair! I think I'll try this with the chair shown below. I love the blue sofa in the picture above, but I'm too much of a chicken to purchase a brightly colored sofa, so a brightly colored side chair will be my compromise.  ( I also love the Vermeer painting/print on the wall!)

This is the most comfortable chair for rocking. I know it doesn't look one bit comfortable. And it doesn't look like a rocker. But it is! It rocks slightly (with a kind of spring system underneath) and since we took the wheels off, it sits closer to the floor and is perfect for rocking a baby :)

This is one of Asher's favorite spots at my house, so I'll be setting it up the same way at the new place. He loves to sit in his chair, look at his books and write on his chalkboard :)
Well, I better get back to packing. Have a great weekend!  Juli

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