Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Scenes, 4.27.14

Finally, some art on this blog! Not mine, but my students- which is even better! There are some talented kids in that school. It's really cool to see their work displayed, all together, in one room. So, here are my Sunday Scenes. Enjoy!

Kinetic art by my Introduction to Visual Design students.

Still life paintings and masks made using their own faces as molds.

A Starry Night forgery on the left. I should have gotten a close-up- it looks awesome!

More masks...

And another still life.

Fruit studies by my Painting and Drawing students.

Drawings by my Advanced Drawing students

Forgery paintings of originals by Wood, Dali and O'Keefe.  (Top right is an optical illusion drawing done by my co-workers student.)

Portraits created using the stippling technique (shading using small dots of ink). Again, I should have taken a close-up. They look amazing in person.

Scratchboard drawings and creative color wheels created by my Introduction to Visual Design students.

And more scratchboard drawings by my Drawing students.

And fun portraits based on Lichtenstein's work.

We had a steady stream of visitors from Noon until 4:00, so I'll call that a successful show :)

Have a great week!  Juli

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