Monday, May 26, 2014

Catching up 5.26.14

Well, that was a very unexpected absence on my part. It has been non-stop "going" for the past few weeks and then iphone and e-mail issues. So, this space was kind of forgotten. Sorry about that!
But, I did take pictures, so here are some of the highlights of those very busy weeks:

My Mother's Day loot!  I'm one lucky mom :)

Our Blue Jays on Parade fund raiser. People pay to have our birds placed in someone's yard for 24 hours. They were booked for a solid two weeks and we raised $250.00 for charity!

Washington High School, Class of 2014. The weather was iffy, but we made it through the entire ceremony without a drop of rain.

Trying to spiff up my smaller-than-a-postage-stamp yard. haha! For me, home is where your peony is planted :)

Peanut's 3rd birthday.

Photos of some of my college art work- taken for putting together an impromtu portfolio for a job interview. The interview went well, but I realized afterward that it would be better for me, financially and personally, to stay put. Going through the electronic application (new to me!) and  interview was good for me, though- for the experience and for the renewed appreciation for the job I have and the people I work with. Very thankful :)

Mother's Day at Blumenhof.

Final projects at school. This one is from my painting class. Students have to research an artist and paint a chair in their style. Love this one :)

And I love our family dinner nights. Here, Peanut, Little Man and Eddie play a little catch. Or, at times, "keep away". See what I mean about the yard?! Oh, my, it is SMALL! Each unit has a 10' by 10' patio and everything else is considered common ground. The big plus- we don't have to mow!

And another college art piece-"Number Five". We had to weld these random pieces of metal together to the point where it stayed intact even after holding it over our heads and dropping it on the concrete floor. (It took forever!) It wasn't supposed to resemble anything, but when I finished, it reminded me of a number five, thus the name. Anywho, since the move, I placed it at the cross. I thought it was a fitting new home since Ruben J's and my "number" was always five- five members of our family and each of us were born on a "five"- 15, 20, 25, 30. (Eddie and Ruben J were both born on the 15th). I always thought that was kinda cool!

Well, hopefully some new art work will make it's way onto this space soon. The school year is wrapping up and I am really getting the itch to paint again. The new place has great light on the main level, so I'm anxious to get started! In the meantime, I've been inspired by these artists:

Cathleen Rehfeld
Carrie Venezia
Maggie Siner

and forever inspired by Edward Hopper , Georgia O'Keefe and Paul Cezanne.

Happy Memorial Day and have a great week!  Juli

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