Friday, May 30, 2014

Family Friday, 5.30.14

Well, what the heck?! I forgot to mention two VERY important parts of my last few weeks in my last post.
My niece got married last weekend. She found a great guy who is perfect for her. So glad to see her happy and content :) And what's also cool about it is the same pastor married them that married Ruben J and me, married Sister and S., baptized all of my kids and both of my nieces and performed too many funeral services for our family. Pastor D. is the most charismatic man you will ever meet. And...

he will be performing another wedding ceremony exactly one year from today! Yes, it's true! Eddie FINALLY proposed to Falicia. Oh, my! You can't even imagine how happy we all are. Again, they are PERFECT for each other :) Lots of wedding planning going on right now :)

And finally, we are anxiously awaiting Baby G's birth in 19 days (if Sister can hold out that long!).
I have three work days and one "check out for the summer" day and then it will be full-on "make stuff for Baby G." I'm a little behind on that compared to when Peanut was born. But, I'll catch up :) I have three weeks to make a banner for above his crib, a crib quilt and to paint a tree branch and owl on his wall. Busy, busy!
A 3-d ultrasound of our Baby G! Can't wait to meet him!
Have a nice weekend and I'll be back here on Sunday :)   Juli

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