Saturday, June 21, 2014

Inspiration, 6.21.14

Well, first of all, our big news for the week:

This little guy, Gray Jameson, was born! (But on here he will still be Baby G.) He is the sweetest thing, as you can imagine. How can I not be inspired by that sweet little face?!

Not that anything else compares with the birth of a new baby, I have been perusing around the internet during my few down times this week and have been inspired by a few other things.

I've been thinking a lot about how much stuff we've gotten rid of during this move- I've taken five full car loads of stuff to the resale shop and I've given away a futon, a sofa, a chair and ottoman, a wardrobe and a kitchen table. It seems like a lot and it is, but we still have so much more to get rid of. It feels great! So, in my perusing to find ways to decorate small spaces, I've been inspired by even tinier spaces. This townhouse is 1400 square feet, which isn't "tiny", but it's tiny compared to having a 1500 square foot house with an almost fully finished basement. So we've lost almost half of the living space we had before. Again, it feels great, but I think I can go even smaller. Not 300 square feet or less like some people have done (that's a little too extreme) but I could definitely live in less than 900 square feet (I've done it before in the house that I grew up in) like the house shown below.

More pictures and info can be found here.

Or even in 500 or so square feet, like this one (which I think I've shown here before):

 Jessica Helgerson Interior DesignMore pictures and info here

So, if I ever have a chance to build another home, it will be similar to one of these. I love them both :)

Although, it's going to be hard to get me out of this place! Here, it's not so much the home itself that I love, it's the convenience. It's easy to keep clean and it's close to everything (we actually have four decent restaurants, literally, in our back yard!). Perfect.

Okay, I've covered my family and home inspiration, so I'll leave you with some art inspiration. Have a great weekend!

 Painting by AndrĂ©s Kal. Love the choppy, layered paint application.


Karen Appleton
And, oil paintings by Karen Appleton found here. I really like unfinished paintings. Here, I like leaving some of the painting left as a drawing.   

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