Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Scenes, Father's Day- 6.15.14

This post will be dedicated to three of the most significant men in my life.

The first man of significance, of course,  is my dad. He was a pretty strict dad when my brother, sister and I were little. We didn't like it so much then, but we appreciate it so much now. We know now that his high expectations for us were what made us want to be better people. Being disciplined, cleaning up our messes, being respectful, being well-behaved and working hard were the big life lessons that we got from our dad. As he's gotten older, he has softened up quite a bit.  But even though he is a big softie, (he was caught the other day actually hugging his very pregnant grand daughters belly!) those high expectations are still there- for all of his kids and grand kids.

My dad and Eddie. Very proud grandpa!

One of my favorite pictures of me and my dad.

See what I mean? A big, ol' softie! Just squeezing into the chair with Little Man.

Ruben J is the father of my three children. Although he's gone now, I can see him and his influence in our kids every single day. Just like I told them last Father's Day and again today, he is still here- IN them. They have all inherited so many of his good qualities, that all they have to do is spend time together and they are with him. Very cool. And even though we were divorced, I know he was a good man and I always respected him as the father of our children and I miss him- every single day. So, I feel pretty blessed to be able to witness pieces of him, in them- every single day.

Visiting dad...

on Father's Day.

One of my favorite pictures of Ruben J (actually before he was a dad) and our kids.

And M. As I've mentioned here before, he is the steady, calm , unwavering presence in my life. He is a great listener and a man of few words. But the words that come out of his mouth are thoughtful and meaningful. And although we don't have kids together, I'm sure that he is, and was, all of those things, and more, to his own two kids.  And I know my kids respect him a great deal for those qualities. And M. is the one I get to be a grandparent with, so I will be able to witness, first hand, his influence on all of our grand kids. (Although I keep trying to explain to him that babies and toddlers don't really understand him being a "man of few words". They are just waiting for him to speak! We're working on that! )

And one of my favorite pictures of M. He loved getting that new tractor!

Great picture of M. after winning the Governor's Cup for his awesome wine, Valvin Muscat.

And one of the few pictures that we've had taken together over the years, taken a few weeks ago at my niece's wedding. Looking forward to many grand-parenting years with him :)

So, thank you and Happy Father's Day to all of the great dads out there! 

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