Monday, June 30, 2014

Taking stock, 6.30.14

Still playing around with abstract painting. This is my second attempt. More layers needed, though.

Taking stock on this last day of June. (The inspiration for this post comes from House of Humble- one of my favorite simple living blogs).

Making: abstract paintings and an embroidered, stuffed owl for Baby G.
Cooking: gluten free, dairy free
Drinking: lots of tea, less wine
Reading: blogs, blogs and more blogs
Wanting: to sell our house
Looking: forward
Playing: my Cat, Led, Van CD (Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin)
Deciding: to step up my game at work
Wishing: for a day when I won't struggle (financially)
Enjoying: watching the Mad Men seasons, with M., for the second time
Waiting: for the wisdom and courage to expand Olive and Ash
Liking: having restaurants in our backyard
Wondering: how to spiff up my barren patio
Loving: summer break
Pondering: ways to be a better teacher
Considering: ways to expand Olive and Ash
Hoping: for guidance and/or inspiration (see 'deciding', 'pondering', 'waiting', 'considering')
Coveting: simple living blogs
Helping: hmmm... not enough
Feeling: healthy and content
Hearing: our very noisy neighbors
Marveling: at Peanut and Baby G.
Needing: paint, new shoes
Following: simple living blogs, artists, healthy living blogs
Noticing: that my face is no longer swollen and itchy from a new face cream- yay!
Knowing: that my kids are doing well (is the best feeling in the world!)
Thinking: about taking a trip with M....someday
Admiring: successful makers, bloggers, artists, my kids
Smelling: oil paint
Wearing:  jeans, white t-shirt, earrings
Sorting: through our excess of "stuff"
Buying: too many things for two houses
Getting: excited for a little getaway with my kids
Bookmarking: gluten free recipes, small space decorating
Opening: endless amounts of moving/storage boxes
Giggling: hmmm... not enough
Snacking: on strawberries and blueberries

And there you have it. Stock has been taken! I wonder how my list would look on any other day? Any other month? Any other year? Interesting, I think. What would your list look like?

Have a great day!  Juli

P.S. I apologize for the failed link in my previous post. If you're interested, here it is :)

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