Friday, July 4, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 4, 7.4.14

My earliest childhood memories, not surprisingly, include my mom. My earliest memory is very faint and kind of inconsequential- I am guessing that I was about three years old and  I am standing up in the back seat of our car (no car seats back then!), leaning over the front seat as my mom pulls the car into our neighborhood from Hwy. 40. Again, very faint memory, but I still think of it sometimes as I drive by that old neighborhood.

My stronger first memories:

- my mom and me standing at the front door watching my brother and sister get on the school bus and standing in the same place later in the day, waiting for them to get off of the bus.

- standing under my mom's housecoat while she cooked breakfast (weird, I know!)

- sitting on my mom and dad's bed as she taught me how to write my name.

I'm sure many first memories include one's mom, but I know many people didn't, or don't, have that privilege. I feel very luck to have a mom who was, and still is, always there for her kids. She has always provided our family with a feeling of stability, steadiness and strength. Thank (again!), Mom!

Can't you just sense the stability here?! haha! So serious.

Me, around the age of my first memory. We never had much money, but my mom made every holiday and birthday really special. (I guess my mom is the one who started my life long (minus a few years) pixie cut!)

And my mom, at around the same age- three-ish. It's crazy how much we didn't look alike then, but really resemble each other now.
And now, an update on abstract painting #2, which is finished and will be listed in my Etsy shop when the paint is dry.

Have a great July 4th!! Juli

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