Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blogger challenge #14, 7.31.14

...What is in my handbag? First of all, does anybody out there call their purse a handbag? Not me. Maybe if my purse was really large, I would call it a tote bag. Maybe a bag. But not a handbag. Or a satchel.  Hmmm...Anywho, I guess I'm stalling a bit because I don't want to admit how messy my "handbag" is at the moment. I've downsized the size of my 'purse' considerably over the last year to one that pretty much holds my wallet, keys, phone and a tube of lipstick. And that's it. I keep a tote bag in my car to hold other things I might need, but don't need every day. So, for me, that's good. The problem is, at the moment, my small  purse also has tons of receipts, two  tubes of lotion, an extra tube of lipstick, a tin of Altoids,  a pack of tic tacs and an assortment of tea bags. I know! It's time for a clean out. But, good timing, because school is about to start and that always puts me in a "clean out and organize" mood.

So, talk about baring my soul here- I'm leaving you with some pictures of my purse- inside and out. Like I've said on this space before, maybe writing about my struggles will help someone else out there deal with their own struggles. Even if it's "messy purse struggles"! Hopefully, looking at my messy purse will make you feel better about your own :) So, here ya go:

My wallet. SUPER embarrassing to show. But, I'm not gonna lie,  kind of a motivator to clean it out :)

And the inside of my purse, sans wallet, above. Not so bad (without the wallet). And, the good part is, in the pocket to the left on this photo, there is a little wad of cash. All ones! haha! But still, very rarely will you find cash in my purse.

Once everything is shoved in there and it's all zipped up, it looks pretty good :)

Now, I'm off to do some purse cleaning!     Have a great night!  Ju

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