Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blogger challenge question #7, 7.10.14

Question #7- my 10 favorite foods. Well, this will be interesting since I've completely overhauled my diet over the past year due to crappy digestive issues. I really blame some of it on getting old and becoming more sensitive to certain foods and some of on good old anxiety, but, either way,  I'm ALWAYS aware of what I eat or drink. It's kind of exhausting. And although the changes haven't "cured" me, they have made me feel a LOT better, overall. So I'll tell you some of the before and after changes that I've made. I've included drinks in my list, too (because it's hard to think of ten favorite foods!)

1. Then- Pizza. Now- gluten free, dairy free pizza with roasted vegetables. Daiya fire roasted vegetable pizza is a good one.
2. Then- Ice Cream. Now- dairy free coconut milk ice cream. So Delicious Dairy Free is really good.
3. Then- homemade chocolate chip cookies. Now- nothing can replace homemade chocolate chip cookies, so I just don't eat them. Such a bummer.
4. Then- Pasta. Now- rice noodles from the asian food section. A Taste of Thai tastes just like regular pasta.
5. Then- Kettle cooked potato chips. Now- Kettle cooked potato chips. Yep. I can still eat potato chips and I eat a LOT of them! But sometimes I try to be better and eat sweet potato chips or popcorn.
6. Then- Birthday/wedding/shower cake. Now- again, nothing can replace these, so I eat them sometimes and prepare to pay the price!
7. Then- Flourless chocolate torte. Now- Flourless chocolate torte. I can have this if it doesn't have dairy in it. Yay! Love the one at McGurk's.
8. Then- coffee. Now- green tea in the morning and herb or decaffeinated tea for the rest of the day. Tazo teas are all really good and affordable. (Good tea can be expensive!)
9. Then- soda. Now- water or tea.
10. Then- wine, everyday. Now- wine, only on Fridays and Saturdays. I LOVE my wine, and it really doesn't bother me, but I know it's not a good thing for women (well, I guess, anybody) to drink alcohol every day. I have to admit, I just started this a few days ago, but ... so far, so good :) And, of course, my recommendation would be Blumenhof wines!

So, there it is. My boring favorite foods! No, really, it's not so bad. The no gluten part of it really eliminates almost all junk food, which is a good thing. And I really do feel better. So, hopefully that helps someone else out there who may be trying to eat healthier. I've done a LOT of experimenting, believe me.

Now, onto some art: layer #2 of my vineyard painting. Not abstract, but I did try to keep it loose and limit my brushstrokes. I'm trying to decide if it's finished or not. When it is, it will be listed in my Etsy shop :)
Have a great day!  Juli


  1. I love this painting. You have such a gift :)

  2. Thank you, Karlene's mom :)

  3. Hi Juli, so glad you love So Delicious Dairy Free! I love working for them and it's always to see a fan. Good luck in staying healthy and meeting your wellness challenges head on.