Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Scenes and blog challenge question #5, 7.6.14

I have to admit that my Sunday Scenes are really just weekend scenes, as my Sunday really hasn't been that eventful or inspiring. But my weekend was! So here ya go:

I finally had the time and inspiration to spiff up my teeny tiny patio. It's still not great, but I really don't have much to work with. We're still waiting on the bushes to be planted which will give us some privacy, at least. But I think I'll have to give my firstborn child to the homeowner's association to actually get it done. Don't worry, Sister! The bushes aren't that important- you're staying with us!!

Eddie, Falicia, Baby G. and M.

My mom and dad

Peanut :)

We had my family over to watch fireworks on the 4th. Baby G. is shown above. I didn't get a picture of Sister and S. :(  Darn it! And Little Man was too much of a big-shot to hang out with us since he was invited to Chicago for the weekend! (Thanks so much to his roommate's family- they are very generous!)

We have a perfect view of the fireworks display from our patio :)

And I started a new painting- not my typical subject, but, again, I'm having fun with it. I took the photo (which you might recognize from an earlier post) of my husband's vineyard in Dutzow, MO., sometime this past spring..
And, last night, the weather was beautiful, so we listened to some great music at our current "go-to" for good food and wine called Unkorked in Wentzville, MO. This is M.'s "I'm having a great time" face! No, really, we did have a nice time and he gave his reluctant permission for me post this photo :)

No 'scenes' from today, as it just consisted of repainting the kitchen and laundry room at our old house. You can't even imagine how sick I am of painting!!  But, now just the basement is left and then it will be a long time before anyone sees a can of paint and paint roller in my hands!

I'll leave you today with the answer to blog challenge question #5-'What is my guilty pleasure?'

Well, hold onto to your hats, it's a shocker- the answer is:  watching endless rerun episodes of The Waltons. Yep, that's how much of a nerd I am! I have 3 seasons on DVD, and lately, on the Hallmark channel, there is an afternoon marathon of The Waltons , EVERY DAY! Oh, my! I love it!

Here they are, The Waltons, in all of their glory! My faves- John Boy (the cute, tall one in front) and Daddy (or John Sr.) in the back, on the right. Grandpa was pretty cool, too, though (the old guy in the far back) :)
Have a great week!  Juli

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