Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blog challenge catch-up (aka-cheat!), 8.9.14

I'm totally cheating here, in order to finish the blog challenge before I go back to work. So, I picked several  of the remaining challenge topics to include in a list, similar to this House of Humble post and this post. I chose the topics that could be easily answered in one, two or a few sentences. So here goes:

#17- My favorite childhood books: 1) Green Eggs and Ham (first book I read on my own), 2) Corduroy 3) Any of the Little House on the Prairie books

#18- What am I afraid of ? Something happening to my kids, being laughed at, running out of money

#20- Where I want to be in ten years- A year away from retirement, with a firmly established Olive and Ash small business and a tiny house :)

#21- Something I miss- Going for "drives". We used to take the kids for "drives"- just anywhere, with no plan. We'd all pile in the truck with a cooler in the back and just GO. Loved that.

#22- Ten favorite songs-1) Roll Me Away by Bob Seger 2) Misunderstanding by Genesis 3) Carry On Wayward Sun by Kansas 4) Understanding by Bob Seger 5) In the Air Tonight by Genesis 6) Beautiful Loser/Travelin' Man by Bob Seger 7) Come away with me by Norah Jones 8) You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker 9) Into the Mystic by Van Morrison 10) These are the days by Van Morrison

#23-Pet peeves- People crunching their food when they chew. Oh, my! Drives me crazy. I guess I inherited that 'peeve' from my dad.

#25- Best physical features- 1) my smile (I think my teeth are slightly too big for my mouth/face-which I think makes it the feature that stands out the most)
2) strong bones (I've never broken a bone except for my toe) and flexibility ( I'm pretty "bendy"!)
3) my hair (I actually have the WORST hair- thin, fine, dull- which led to my short haircut. Not my #1 choice, but I think it must just work with my face.)

#26- 5 favorite blogs- Posie Gets Cozy, An Inch of Gray, House of Humble, Cozy Things, Carol Marine's Painting a Day,
and of course, MK Designs Photography  (Who has been SO supportive of this blog!) Thanks, M.T. 
Yeah, I know that's six blogs :) It's very hard to narrow them down.

#29- Top things on my bucket list-I'll list the top three: 1) Travel out of the country- my top picks- England and Ireland 2) Take my kids and grandkids on a trip of a lifetime- my pick here would be to their Grandma's hometown of Kaisersech, Germany 3) Re-learn enough German so I can enjoy #2!

#30- Favorite comfort food- ice cream- now, specifically, So Delicious Coconut Ice Cream-chocolate or Mocha Almond Fudge

#31- Weird quirk of mine- rubbing my feet together when I go to sleep. (I've always thought this was weird, but M. does the same, exact thing. Funny!)

#'s 27, 28, 19 and 24 will follow :)

Have a great Saturday!  I'm headed to this place:
Blumenhof Winery


  1. #18. That's why you and Ryan often just laugh at me. No worries. I got your back! #20... ME AND YOU RETIRE SAME YEAR?!?!? Could happen, depends on how we feel about then, eh? lol #21. I love to go for drives. Still do it. Plotting one for Sunday night or Monday I am curious where a road goes and if a creek is on it! lol --- INTO THE MYSTIC IS ONE OF MY FAVES! -- #25. I think you have amazing skin. Not to sound creepy, but I look at skin a lot on people and think photographically how it will render... you? bravo! #26. Thanks for the shoutout! People should uplift and support each other, I am learning to get better at it daily. PS Wish I could joing you at "that place" you pictured... but I am a bit worn out. So is K. We are doing things around here and kinda vegging a lot I have noticed! lol

  2. Thanks, again, Karlene's mom! Yeah, if I was funny, I wouldn't mind people laughing at me. But, the "being made a fool of" kind of laughing- that I don't want :)