Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blogger Challenge #15 and #16, 8.7.14

#15- Timeline of my day, #16- My Dream Job... It's pretty convenient that these two topics fell together on the list. First of all, during the summer, I don't really have a set timeline to my day. Every day is different and I feel like a fish out of water, most of the time. So, as the new school year approaches, I really look forward to having my routine back. And the routine of a school day is perfect for me. Each hour is different, so I almost never get bored. And the entire day is filled with creating. Me, creating things/ideas/concepts for my students; my students, taking those ideas, running with them and creating things of their own. I couldn't think of a better job for me. It is my dream job. So, here is a timeline of my typical, dream job, work day:

4:45- alarm goes off, hit snooze once, hit snooze twice
5:03- get up, eat my oatmeal and green tea while I catch up on Facebook/blogs
5:45- 7:05-yoga, get clothes ready for the day, shower, makeup, take my dog out for a short walk, gather my things for the day
7:05-7:45- drive to work
7:45-8:30- read my e-mails, hall duty (woo hoo!!)
8:30- 9:20- plan time- make copies, organize supplies for the day, write goals on board, etc.
9:20-3:20- teach a variety of classes, depending on the year- Intro. to Design, Drawing, Painting, Fine Craft, Art Appreciation
3:30-4:00- hall duty or parking lot duty (woo hoo!!), wrap up my day, close out computer, etc. I try to get out by 4 or 4:15 each day, especially since my drive time is longer now. I bring work home with me, if needed, as by 4:00 or so I really feel the need to exit the building and get some fresh air
4:00-4:40- drive home
4:45-6:00- take my dog for a walk, work on projects that I have going at home (making,blogging, or grading, if needed), catch up on facebook/blogger, , etc.
6:00-7:45- make supper, eat supper, visit with my husband
7:45-8:15- yoga
8:15-10:00- relax- t.v., movies, our "regular" shows (Bill Maher, Anthony Bourdain), etc.

Obviously, there are variations to this routine, but, for the most part, this is it.

It's funny to think back to a few years ago and how "anti-routine" I was. It sounded old and boring to me to say "I have a routine.". Well, now I don't really care if it sounds old and boring. I need a routine!  And I've come to love it. My goal now is to become disciplined enough during the summer months and weekends to develop a routine during that time, too. I accomplish so much more when I know what I am going to be doing from the moment I wake up.

Well, I hope that wasn't too much boring information for you. I'm pretty sure it was, though, so I'll leave you with some art, words, etc. that have been inspiring to me, lately.

by Myriam Zorge
Found here. Love this organic looking piece.

Found here. Just looking at this makes my hands hurt, but, I would love to try  it. Love the layers.
What is a Mandala? Loved and Pinned by to our Yoga community boards
Found here. I recently had a dream about mandalas. Weird, huh? I'm thinking it has to mean something, I just haven't quite figured out what that is, yet.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Yep. Found here.
 Have a great day!  Juli

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