Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blogger challenge #19, 8.13.14

It's ridiculous how some people have to update their Facebook status about every little thing they do and who they're with. They think they have lives But they really don't...3 words : Get a life!

...My worst habits.

Well, I have two. Number one- procrastination or "killing" time. Number two- social media/cellphone checking. But, honestly, the two go hand-in-hand. Procrastination has always been there, but it has gotten WAY worse since Facebook, Pinterest and getting an IPhone. Facebook and Pinterest was bad enough, but with an IPhone, suddenly, I could "kill" time anywhere, anytime. (Honestly, who has time "to kill"? Not me!)

My procrastination was getting better, I have to say. For example, the last paper I wrote for my Master's degree was a 35 page research paper and I finished and turned it in 10 days before the due date. It felt great to do that! I honestly felt like I had conquered this procrastination problem and was heading in the right direction.

But, then, along came Facebook. Then I discovered Pinterest. Then I got an Iphone. And from that point on, the procrastination has gotten worse. You see, when I'm on Facebook or Pinterest, I can pretend that I am doing something constructive- I'm catching up with friends, I'm getting ideas, I'm doing "research". But, really, all I am doing is procrastinating.When I'm constantly checking my phone, I can pretend that I am so important that I need to make sure no one is trying to "reach me" and that I am not, in fact, just checking Facebook or scanning Pinterest. But, really, all I'm doing is distracting myself  and "killing" time. (I will make an exception here, though. If my kids are trying to reach me- all bets are off- no matter who I'm with , I'm answering my phone.)

Don't get me wrong, there are many good things about social media, in general (I've written about it before on this post). But, you must be disciplined enough to really limit the amount of time you spend on it and to know that you aren't using it as an excuse for not doing something that needs to be done. And, another biggie,  you have to be disciplined enough to NOT check your phone every few minutes or seconds while you are in the company of other people. It's really rude. And, I have to admit, I've been more guilty of that lately. The other day, we spent several hours "talking wine" with one of the authors of the blog MOwineplease. He is 27 years old and for four hours (four hours!) I didn't even see his cellphone. (I mention his age because it seems like the "phone checking" is most prevalent with younger people. Although, to be honest, I'm noticing it much more with "older" people as well.) It was refreshing, really.  He was passionate about something and he wanted to have a conversation- with us. He was animated and excited and hungry for the knowledge that M. could give him about wine. He didn't need to check his phone. He didn't feel the need to "kill" his time with us. He was engaged. Right there. For four hours. With us.

I was impressed. And it has really made me think about my own social media/cell phone habits.
So, I'm going to kick this bad habit in the butt! If I am nothing else, I am pretty disciplined and determined in most other areas of my life, so I have every confidence that I can do it.  But everyone needs a little help, so here are some tips from  one of my favorite simple living blogs Be More with Less

Have a great day!  Juli

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