Monday, September 15, 2014


Lately, I've been ...

Drawing with Peanut- here, he drew a picture of "Dad" (bottom), Mommy (top) and the letter "A" to the left :)

Breaking out Little Man's old toys...

and puzzles..

and reading Mommy's 

and Little Man's old books.

and concentrating so hard on our painting :)

I've also been enjoying our family dinner nights.

This night was perfect for chili :)

It's a tight fit in our little place, but no one seems to mind.

And when the house is empty, I've been plugging right along on my Blumenhof goods...

brushing up on my knitting in preparation to start on my sweater.

and realizing that I've made a lot of embroidery patterns over the last couple of years. Oh, my!

And, yesterday, I tried my hand at a creative little portrait. (And realizing that the little(?) smile lines, aka wrinkles, on the sides of my mouth actually stay there even when I'm not smiling. Dang!) But, I cut Eddie out of this picture, so it doesn't count! I'll try again another time.

All was not lost, though. I thought it was very cool how the landscape was reflected in the granite.

And, of course, the view is as beautiful as ever. But, it seemed especially pretty yesterday.

Have a great week!   Juli

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