Sunday, October 26, 2014

Taking stock , 10.26.14

Oh, motivation and inspiration, where have you gone?! I'm thinking I need a little getaway or something, but I know that is not happening in the near future, so I thought 'taking stock' again would kick start or jump start something...anything. So here it goes:

making... baptism banner for baby G., more Blumenhof goods
cooking...comfort food-chicken stew, ham and beans, soup, cornbread
drinking...flavored decaf coffees, lemon green tea, some great old wine
reading...about formative assessments (I know-BORING!) and soon to be reading this be motivated and inspired
looking...back (too much, as it's that time of the year again)
playing...with Peanut and baby G.
deciding...where to set up my easel, as I'm feeling the need to paint again (just not sure what)
wishing...for motivation and inspiration
enjoying...the company of my family
waiting...for motivation and inspiration routine
wondering...too much
pondering...too much
considering...too much
hoping...for motivation and inspiration
coveting...Eddie and Falicia's engagement pictures- SO good!
helping...with Peanut and Baby G. when I can; my students every day
feeling...unmotivated and uninspired- but otherwise, pretty damn good :) cat meowing (after 12 long days of being "lost" in the basement, surviving on toilet water!)
needing...motivation and inspiration (do you see a trend here?!) and new shoes (still!)
following... this artist, love her work
noticing... more and more of Peanut's perfectly clear words :)
knowing..."every little thing gonna be alright"
thinking...always, too much kids- always, comfort foods
wearing ...warmer clothes, layers, socks, boots

Twill tape labels on my Blumenhof goods. Love them!

Baby G's baptsim day with his godparents, Eddie and Falicia

My girl and her boys.

It only took 4 months for Little Man to hold him for the first time!

This part of a baptism always gets to me.

Baptism banner

This crazy cat, Marty McFly.

Can't wait for this day.  photo by Abi Elaine Photography

My girl turned 31 yesterday :)

This made our Thursday night last week :)

Yeah, it's that time of year again. A very melancholy week. But balanced,this year, by some great things to celebrate :)

Well, hopefully 'taking stock' will do the trick and kick start that much needed motivation and inspiration. Wish me luck! And have a great week!  Juli

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