Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday, Monday Studio Scenes, 11.10.14

Busy times around here lately- going out for good dinners and wine, going to movies, celebrating birthdays, Peanut and Baby G. time and some serious studio time on Sunday. It feels good to be busy. I'm just hoping it doesn't get too busy. Probably wishful thinking with the holidays coming up. But, oh well, I can wish. And try my best to keep it simple. With that thought in mind, I wanted to pass on a really good article written by Leo Babauta (which you can find here). He has great ideas about keeping your life simple and it never seems to fail, when I'm getting away from the "keep it simple" mindset, I get an e-mail from ZenHabits. And then I do a little self-check to get back on track. It's a good thing!

Anywho, back to my busy-ness! A few 'scenes' from the past week and weekend:

Beautiful flowers from M. for our 10th anniversary :)
Finished pouches/wristlets, heading to Blumenhof...

...with my outdated cards attached. I know! Much of the information needs to be updated. But the important info. is still relevant, so I went ahead and used them this time. I'll be looking into some new ones soon.

My re-located and re-arranged painting space ...

ready for some painting time!

 And, at the end of the day, Sunday, this is what you would have found in the 'studio' aka the loft...
My vintage t.v. tray- looking worse for the wear since it has been my go-to side table when I'm working on sewing projects. It's small (ish), lightweight, portable, foldable and has just the right amount of lip around the edge to contain everything.

Display and packaging material on another table.

And, finally, my messy, messy sewing table- a loaner from my daughter, who inherited it from her German, hair-stylist Grandma, Agnes. It feels good working on it :)

 As you can see, I'm a messy worker.  When I work, everything I use is everywhere. When I'm sewing, there are bits of fabric and loose threads all over the floor (and me!) and when I'm painting, I get paint everywhere- my hands, my clothes, my hair, the floor. It's really kind of ridiculous.  That was the main reason I moved the painting space to the loft. Before, it was just off of the kitchen and I was really nervous about contaminating anything food related with oil paint or turpentine. That would not be a good thing!

 Well, I know it's a short post tonight, but now that I've revealed my mess to you all, I feel the need to go tidy up! I'll leave you with some images of the awesome stained glass pieces that my Fine Craft students are working on. I really stressed paying attention to the contrast (of light and dark, low intensity and high intensity colors, complimentary colors, etc.) and they are turning out to be some of the best stained glass pieces in the ten years that I've been teaching. This is also the first stained glass hamburger in my class ;)  I love it!

 Till next time~ Juli

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  1. I am a messy worker too at times... but... well you and Ryan have me beat! lol ;-)