Saturday, January 31, 2015

Changes, Gratitude and Instagram, 1.31.15

This will  be the last long blog post for a while, as the next few months will be pretty busy around here, with personal extras (bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, dance lessons and my son's wedding) and professional extras (student murals, bigger/better plans for our annual art show and keeping up with my daily/weekly paintings for Olive and Ash)- all mixed in with all of the regular activities. So, the blog has to be put on the back burner for a while, although I will still be using it to post my daily/weekly paintings (during the summer, I'm shooting for daily; during the school year, I'll be lucky for weekly!).

Actually, this blog was started specifically to do just that- to post updates of my paintings. Then it evolved into more of a personal journal as a way to work through the hardest time in my life. Thank you for letting me do that here. It was extremely helpful. But now, thankfully, things are settled down to a new normal- for everyone, I think. And because things are so normal, I have a hard time coming up with things to write about. Maybe, when I come back to blogging on a regular basis again, I can write more about gratitude, which I have an abundance of right now. 

So, I hope you enjoy the painting posts. And I'll also be posting my Instagram collage at the end of every month, as that was one of my goals for the blog at the beginning of the year. (Still working on the Instagram thing, so try not to judge!) So I'll leave you today with a few things that I am grateful for right now and my first Instagram collage of the new year.

I'm grateful for the big things: my family's and my health and happiness (of course), a job I love, the peacefulness and normalcy that has settled into everything right now and the fact that my kids (after everything they have been through over the last ten years) are the most positive and happy people I know.  And the little things: the way Peanut, when playing hide and seek, gets so excited when he finds you that he just has to give you a hug; the way Baby G. still has a smile on his face even when he cries; my mom and dad and my kids being able to drop by and visit, anytime, now that we live closer; having a really good Mexican restaurant practically in our back yard; and, of course, being able to listen to the Splendid Table as I write a blog post (yes, doing that right now!).
*probably incorrect usage of semi-colons in the paragraph above-sorry!

And, I'm grateful for Instagram- which is a really nice way to keep in touch with people, but isn't time consuming. Enjoy the pics!

January 2015

 Have a great week!  Juli

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